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Know the Law!

You rent a car and your spouse or boss needs to drive it, but it's under your name. Is it allowed?

Your team goes to a restaurant for a business meeting. It's a non-kosher restaurant. You don't eat there. Your boss has to leave early and company policy says the person with seniority pays - that's you! But someone on the team is Jewish and ate there. Now what??!

These are questions we all struggle with in daily life and especially in the workplace. This past week, Rabbi Zev Cohen, Rosh Kollel of the Chicago Choshen Mishpat Kollel, led a vibrant discussion on hashkafic and halachic challenges and how to address them.

Rabbi Fried, Rosh HaKollel of the Dallas Area Torah Association and Rabbi Shmuel Cohen, Manahel/Executive Director, Chicago Choshen Mishpat Kollel also joined to give us chizuk and support.

We are blessed to have these 3 choshev esteemed Rebbeim as our Rabbinical Faculty as we learn the ins and outs of business halacha each month.

Ongoing classes will be open to MEMBERS only. If this is an area of concern or interest, please consider joining us to reap the rewards of business halacha knowledge and the many other benefits JWBLNG offers Jewish women in the workplace.

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