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Pronounced "JEW-Bling


  • JWBLNG is a group for Orthodox Jewish women and those who are learning and growing*, who work outside the home, with a shared commitment to Torah and Halachah, who are striving to achieve balance between work, family and self

  • JWBLNG supports the needs of these women who need and want camaraderie and connection with other like-minded women, facing the same challenges and circumstances at work

  • ​We provide connection, chizuk, business halacha, mussar** and a Torah lens on professional and personal development strengthening women to successfully face and overcome challenges and struggles in their non-Jewish and or non-observant work environments

  • JWBLNG provides a social, spiritual, and professional forum for these women to...


Connect – Grow – Succeed!

*Includes any Jewish woman who is learning and growing in her observance and connection to Judaism

**Mussar is a traditional Jewish path of spiritual development that leads to awareness, wisdom, and transformation.

Our "WHY"

Orthodox women are entering the business world in increasing numbers and as a result we see a growing need to provide community support to these women in the form of business halacha knowledge, mussar to help strengthen their emunah and bitachon, Torah perspectives on secular business performance content, and a place to share, get input, support and encouragement to stay strong and balanced in environments that can challenge our Torah beliefs and values.


A Word from our President and Founder

Marcy Fried

As an observant Jewish woman with 25+ years of Corporate experience, I've seen a dramatic increase in the number of religious women working in business versus the traditional teaching roles. With that comes challenges they haven't had before, such as being the only religious woman on a team or in an organization and navigating around corporate values that often challenge their Torah values and beliefs. In addition, these women have unique dress codes, dietary needs, travel and yichud requirements that can make daily work a challenge.
Add to that time off needed for Shabbos and Yom Tov, and you get a full set of complex, delicate, personal challenges on a regular basis. 

I felt strongly that there was a need for a network group dedicated to supporting and strengthening these women and JWBLNG was established. 

In January 2022 I formed JWBLNG and invited a group of dedicated women to join the Executive Committee (EC) to begin building the foundations of JWBLNG as an organization.  For the past year, the EC has been meeting weekly to learn Shaar HaBitachon for the workplace, we receive a bi-monthly halachah shiur with Rabbi Yerachmiel Fried, we review professional development wisdom from a Torah perspective and we've been working hard to plan our first Community Launch event, now scheduled for Sunday, April 23, 2023, featuring Yael Trusch, Internationally acclaimed host and founder of the popular podcast, Jewish Money Matters.

In Q1 2022 we received one of 10 grants from the Orthodox Union Women's Initiative for Innovative Women's Programming and have received haskamas from leading Torah sages including:
Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky
Rabbi Dovid Gottleib
Rabbi Zev Cohen
who all believe that supporting and strengthening Orthodox Jewish 
women in the workplace is of utmost importance.



Our Team.

JWBLNG is run by a Board of Directors and a very active and integral Executive Committee. Together, the TEAM manages all aspects of JWBLNG, bringing our members value, inspiration, support and opportunities for community and growth. Members of the Board and Executive Committee are carefully selected, from a wide variety of backgrounds, professions and experience reflecting the broad spectrum of orthodox Jewish women in the workplace.

Blinding Diamonds

We believe Orthodox Jewish women working outside the home, trying to balance work and life while staying true to their Torah values and beliefs are truly Superheros!

Our Mission

Our Mission

To support every Orthodox Jewish woman in the workplace, enabling her to maintain integrity, strength and balance in all areas of her life. 

Rock Balancing
Working Alone in a Dim Office

Our Vision

To ensure the Orthodox Jewish woman in the workplace never feels alone - that she's not alone in her office, her workplace or her life as an observant women who works outside the home. That she has a community of like-minded women supporting her, strengthening her, learning with her and growing with her. 

Blue Skies
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