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Mussar Chabura

FREE - Members Only

Small groups of 8-10 women meet once a week by Zoom, for 10-15 minutes to read a section of Shaar HaBitachon - the Gate of Trust - and discuss how it applies to their work. Each group will have a faciliator. Everyone will have their own sefer. Readers rotate weekly. 


Monthly Business Halacha Shiurim

FREE - Members only  

Monthly Halacha shiurim based on our questions to Rabbonim. Classes will cover everything from A-Z, from the basics to the more advanced. 

Shiurim are taught by the top Rabbonim in halacha and choshen mishpat:

- R, Shmuel Feurst - Dayan of Agudath Israel of Illinois and head of the Midwest Bais Haraah

- R. Zev Cohen, Rosh Kollel, Chicago Choshen Mishpat Kollel 

- R. Yerachmiel Fried, Rosh haKollel, Av Beis Din, Dallas

- additional Rabbonim from the Chicago Kollel


Monthly Book Club

FREE - Members Only

Join us monthly as we read and discuss a popular business book, along with a review of the Torah perspective on the topic.

Book Club meetings will be facilitated.

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Ask the Rabbi WhatsApp Group

FREE - Members Only

Do you have an urgent business halacha questions? Not sure what to do? You've already done something but not sure it was permitted? Ask the Rabbi!

Rabbi Yerachmiel Fried

will respond!


Shmooze & Speaker

Discounted Member Event

Get together biMonthly with your peers to relax, connect and share experiences, challenges and wins!



Discounted Member Event

Join us for exciting and inspiring speakers from every background and industry as they share their personal business journeys! Learn the success strategies, the challenges and the lessons learned from remarkable Jewish Women Business Leaders!

Yael on the JWBLNG stage.jpg

JWBLNG Launch with Yael Trusch, Money Coach and host of the award winning podcast Jewish Money Matters. Hear the keynote speech delivered at the JWBLNG launch April 23, 2023, G-d Wants You to be Rich! Jewish Strategies for Career and Financial Fulfillment. 

Yael Trusch JWBLNG launch (1)
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Our Low Annual Fee $150 provides priceless value:

Shaar HaBitachon, Business Halacha, Ask the Rabbi, Book Club, local events and more! Plus discounts on all major speakers and events.

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