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Set Your Vision for 2024!

Time to refocus, reJEWvenate, and remember your purpose and your mission!

The war in Israel has shaken us all to the core. We are not ok. And yet, as Jewish women in the workplace, we still have deliverables to meet and goals to accomplish. Everyone's work situation is different, some more supportive and empathetic than others. But work is work and we must deliver results. From day to day we experience ups and downs, focus and distraction, drive and despair, all while keeping so many different balls in the air. The future? A Plan? A Vision? How can one do that, now? We can and we must. Because Jews are the eternal optimists, always moving forward, clear on our mission and our unique skills and talents that get us there. Let's get back on track, together!

JWBLNG invites you to take a well deserved time out to focus on YOU. Join your colleagues and friends as we spend a fun, relaxing, creative evening using Vision Boarding as the tool to help refocus, realign and reignite our Vision for a successful and productive 2024!

JWBLNG is excited to have vision board expert Mrs. Miriam Esther Baver Borregard to provide the framework and the peaceful, relaxing, healing process to help us get in touch with what matters most, to build a visual presentation of YOUR PERSONAL VISION that you can display and look at for inspiration and energy every day as you move forward in a positive and exciting way.

Mrs. Borregard is an AACP Certified Coach with experience in personal and business coaching, and a Certified Energy Healer working with people all over the world.

We look forward to planning the future with you!

All materials will be provided. 

Refreshments will be served.

Participants will receive pre-event questions to get the creative thoughts flowing.

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