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JWBLNG and the OU Women's Initiative!

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Jewish Women Business Leaders Network Group is proud and honored to be one of only 10 recipients nationwide to receive the prestigious Challenge Grant from the Orthodox Union Women's Initiative for Innovative Women's Programming 2022!

To receive such an honor gives us the chizuk and belief that we are truly doing the right things for Orthodox Jewish women in the workplace.

There is nothing like JWBLNG out there. There are groups to help women in business build business skills, there are groups that help women network and do business together.

JWBLNG is the ONLY group, for Orthodox Jewish women in the workplace that is based on Torah and Halacha, that strives to provide authentic content in supporting women as they face the multitudes of different values, beliefs and expectations in the workplace.

JWBLNG is here to provide encouragement, to help a women know that she can take G-d to the workplace via her emunah, bitachon and that she knows the halacha and how it applies to being alone with a member of the opposite gender, laws governing travel and participating in offsite meetings, etc.

We are grateful to the OU Women's Initiative for their support and guidance, partnering with us as we navigate through establishing and growing our unique organization.

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